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When embarking on a new financial journey, the key is to start with 'why'. Why do you want to change your current situation? In finding your why, we'll also work on setting SMART goals so that you know where you are aiming. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and have a clear Timeline.


"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." (John Maxwell) So many times we are stuck in our current habits and behaviors, but don't realize how they impact our results. Unhealthy habits become comfortable. We will work through your specific money habits & behaviors to make sure they align with your goals. 


A budget is an ever-evolving movement of money. A personalized budget or spending plan is key for your success. Do you want to budget to every single dollar, plan for big purchases or just get an idea of where your money is going? Understanding your budget strategy can help you realize your money goals and reduce your stress. 


What could you do if you didn't owe money to anyone? How much would you have left each month if you didn't have a car loan, student loan or credit card payments? What if your house was paid off? Your debt holds you back and limits your choices. Together, we can create a realistic solution. You'll know where you are along the journey and what you need to do to keep on track. Debt elimination may seem difficult, or even painful, but with proper management of your money expectations, you will have an amazing life tomorrow that is only a dream today!


Imagine your relationship without the stress of money. When two people join together, they each bring different money ideas, values and habits. Because money can be so stressful in relationships, many couples avoid money talks, which only makes problems and stressors worse. This is detrimental to healthy relationships, especially because where you spend your money reflects your priorities. When partners can express and align their priorities and have honest, open discussions about money, it sets them up for a success in so many areas of their relationship. 


"Change in the only thing constant in life." (Heraclitus) Transitions are a part of living, yet so many people financially struggle during those changes. Sometimes we need to make a transition in order to move ahead on our journey. Sometimes the fear of transition can keep us in an unhealthy place. Let's explore how a transition will affect your finances and how you can overcome and get through the change with success.


Everyone can benefit from an accountability partner to help keep them heading towards their goals. Because so many people don't openly talk about money, it's a challenge to ask a friend or family member to be that accountability partner. Often, your friends and family have different goals than yours and they don't understand why you are becoming more disciplined with your money. I can be your accountability partner, I will ask you about your changing habits, nudge you back on course and encourage you throughout your journey. 


Military families face unique challenges with their money. With nearly 25 years of experience as a military spouse, I have personally experienced many of these challenges. I will guide you along your journey to help you understand and make the most of your pay, allowances and benefits. I can demystify and help you plan for retirement or transition and help you get the most from your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). 

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